Welcome to Movements in Film, a love letter to the celluloid world!

Throughout the history of film, creative minds have continuously made fascinating – and sometimes abrupt – changes to the way we interact with our favorite visual medium. Whether it's the use of Kuleshov's montage theory in 'Man With A Movie Camera' or Raoul Coutard's guerrila-style cinematography throughout the French New Wave, there's so much to explore when it comes to the developments throughout film history.

This is precisely why we decided to create Movements in Film - to share our love for the creative minds that redefined film theory and challenged the status quo. By exploring cinema's many creative movements, our goal is to appreciate these titles with likeminded enthusiasts, while simultaneously broadening our own knowledge of film history. More specifically, the site was created with two basic principles in mind:

  • To explore film movements in a way that is accessible and inclusive to all enthusiasts

  • To present and do justice to film history's most fascinating breakthroughs (and the artists responsible for them)

 As Movement in Film, this is our pledge. We hope you enjoy the site, find new titles to explore, and that you'll join our celebration of innovative filmmaking!